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Tiled Conservatory Roofing South Wales

The Guardian tiled conservatory roofing system is the most established and advanced lightweight tiled conservatory roof available in the UK. If you are looking for a tiled conservatory roofing supplier in South Wales we can provide free advice on transforming your existing conservatory into a room you can enjoy through out the year.

The light weigh aluminium frames can replace the existing conservatory roof utilising the existing conservatory walls windows and doors.

Did you know that you can now replace your existing conservatory roof with a Guardian Tiled Conservatory Roof, and you do not have to apply for building regulations?

Since October 2010 when current building regulations were changed anyone can put a solid tiled conservatory roof on their existing or new conservatory providing they meet the following criteria:


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If you are considering replacing your existing conservatory roof and have been looking at tiled conservatory roofing

You can visit our page dedicated to the Guardian tiled conservatory roofing system. Here you can learn how to measure your existing roof and design your replacement tiled conservatory roof online



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