Conservatory Roofing Centre

The P Shaped Conservatory combines different types of conservatory roof such as the Edwardian and lean to combination or Edwardian and Double hipped roof like the one shown above. The Hipped and double Hipped P shaped conservatory roof design incorporates the aluminium box gutter which allows the conservatory to be attached to a bungalow or single storey extension.

The P Shaped Conservatory roof can look simply stunning in both Polycarbonate and glass. The width and span of the P Shaped Edwardian can create a large internal living space giving ample room and freedom to furnish the conservatory.

As will other conservatory designs the P Shaped Edwardian conservatory frame designed as a dwarf wall half panel or glass to the floor.

P Shaped Edwardian Standard Lean to

P Shaped Edwardian Hipped Lean to

P Shaped Edwardian Faceted Lean to

P Shaped Edwardian Double Hipped - Box Gutter

P Shaped Conservatory roof Designs