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The traditional lean to conservatory or sunroom has proven to be one of the most popular Conservatory Roof Designs. Often perceived as a cheaper alternative, the Lean too Mediterranean style conservatory can offer a truly modern twist to the typical Lean to conservatory. A lean to conservatory is not to be considered or under estimated as both the  Classic and modern designs can be truly breath taking in their style and effect.

Lean to Conservatory Roof | Changing Lean to Conservatory Roof to a Tiled Roof

The Ultraframe Lean too Conservatory roof is available in a range of profile designs and limitless choice of colours to suit every home. The introduction of the Guardian Tiled Conservatory Roof  can transform any existing conservatory into a room that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The Tiled Lean to conservatory roof can be designed in both tile and slate finished to compliment your existing home.

The conservatory roofing centre allows customers across the UK to save valuable time effort and money whilst learning how to Measure Design, personalise and accurately price Energy efficient Conservatory roofing online.

You can design your new or replacement lean to conservatory roof online in a few simple steps by following our simple online measuring and design guides customers can learn how to get an accurate online price for your new or replacement lean to conservatory roof.

Lean to Conservatory Roof Designs

Lean to Tiled Conservatory Roof

If your existing Lean to conservatory roof is too Hot in the Summer and too cold in the winter or perhaps you are unable to enjoy your room because of the noise during rain or excessive glare from the sun then perhaps the Guardian Tiled conservatory roof will be exactly what you are looking for.

Below you can see some of our Lean to tiled conservatory roof conversions. If you would like to find out more about the Guardian tiled conservatory roof please visit our tiled conservatory roofing page

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