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If you are considering a new or replacement Conservatory roof which will require a Box Gutter we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Firstly we need to know the style of your existing or proposed conservatory/conservatory roof. Secondly we will need to know the required location of the box gutter and then please give us as much information as possible using the Conservatory roof design form below

Box Gutter Conservatory Roof Designs



Double Hipped Edwardian

Gable End

Double Hipped Victorian

P Shaped Edwardian

Double Hipped - Box Gutter

 P Shaped Double Hipped Victorian

With Box Gutter

The conservatory roof designs below give some of the most common conservatories which incorporate and require a box gutter. Please identify the roof design you require.

Hipped Back

Edwardian or Victorian

Choosing Box Gutter Location

Choosing the location of the required box gutter is fairly straight forward. With Standard designs like the Edwardian Victorian or Gable end Conservatory roof, the Box gutter can be installed on the Left/Right or on both sides. If the box gutter is only required to a partial length please tell us ain as much detail as possible in the notes section of your quotation request.

More Complex Box Gutter Conservatory Roof Designs such as a Double Hipped or P Shaped roof can require a box gutter on any side required, even all sides; such as for use in enclosing courtyards etc. Again please give us as much information as possible in the notes section of your quotation request.

Box Gutter on the Left or Right

Box gutter on both sides

Double hipped Conservatory roofing for use on single story extensions and bungalows or to allow for wider conservatory designs

Standard Roof Designs Hipped back & Double Hipped Roof Designs

Conservatory Width

Conservatory  Depth

Conservatory Frame  Colour

Roof Glazing Material

Polycarbonate Colour

Glass Type/Colour


Feel free to Upload photos or drawings if required

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