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How to measure a conservatory roof How to measure a  Conservatory Roof

Measuring a conservatory roof

When considering a New or replacement Conservatory or Conservatory roof more and more customers now turn to the Internet for online quotations and advice. When you are measuring for a new or replacement conservatory or roof there are 3 simple measurements you should consider, The Width of the existing/proposed conservatory, the projection of the existing/proposed conservatory. Finally you need to ensure there are no restrictions to the height of your new conservatory roof, such as overhead windows, or when adding a conservatory to a bungalow, Dorma bungalow or single storey extension. These basic measurements will allow you to accurately price your conservatory roof online.

The surveyor will accurately measure the conservatory or Conservatory roof so there is no need to be millimetre perfect in your measurements. When surveying the conservatory roof a surveyor would also measure diagonally across the conservatory from corner to corner to ensure the conservatory is square, and also use a angle finder to determine the pitch of the conservatory roof. Smart phones and iPhones also have handy little free Apps to do this.

The correct way to measure an existing conservatory roof projection is to measure from the external house wall to the front internal window frame, and to measure the width you should measure from frame to frame inside the conservatory. It will help if there are two people to do this.

Measuring a conservatory roof

1 - Width of conservatory measured to the internal window frame on sides A and C





2 - Measure the Projection (Depth) of the conservatory. This is measured from the house wall to the front frame B

3 - Measuring the Height of the conservatory Roof

Measured from floor  to the highest internal H point of the roof. Take into consideration any overhead restrictions such as windows, soil pipes, or if being attached to a bungalow or single storey extension


Measuring a Replacement Conservatory roof | Measuring a conservatory




This shows how a surveyor would measure an existing conservatory roof by measuring the internal dimensions of the existing conservatory. The surveyor would measure the width projection and diagonally across the conservatory to ensure the existing conservatory base is square and true (X).

Here you can see how the external sill and window frames sit on the inside of the outside course of brick





Frames and external sill

Internal brick

IExternal brick


Conservatory Too Hot In Summer Conservatory Too Cold In Winter

When designing your conservatory layout and deciding where to situate the doors and windows we use a very simple system. Imagine you are stood inside the conservatory with your back to the house.

A - Left

B - Front

C - Right


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