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Box Gutter Conservatory Roof

The Box gutter conservatory roof allows customer more design flexibility and allows them to situate their conservatory on a bungalow Dorma bungalow or single storey extension. The limited height on any building makes the box gutter conservatory roof ideal for all sorts of applications.

The aluminium box gutter attaches to the house wall on one or more sides creating a channel and a completely sealed guttering system around the conservatory. Typically a box gutter on a standard conservatory is 165mm but is also available in 265mm where a wider gutter is required. The aluminium box gutter is part of the aluminium ring beam which attaches to the top of the window and door frames to create the base frame of the conservatory roof. For more information please  see or measuring and design guide

There are a huge number of box gutter combinations which means the box gutter conservatory roof can be attached to a property in virtually any situation. The box gutter conservatory roof also allows for much wider conservatories such as a double hipped Edwardian or a Double hipped P Shape as shown above. The same Box gutter conservatory roof designs can be applied to both Victorian and Gable End conservatories.

Choosing the box gutter design to suit your needs

The box gutter can be used on many conservatory roof designs including the Edwardian, Victorian Gable end and combination designs such as P shaped conservatories. The box gutter can be used on internal and external corners or to allow a double hipped Edwardian or Victorian design

The illustrations below show how the box gutter can be used for different conservatory roof designs

In order for us to provide you with an accurate online quotation using the Design your Conservatory Roof Online ABOVE please provide us with your CONSERVATORY STYLE SIZE AND BOX GUTTER REQUIREMENTS and we will email you a detailed quotation contact. Alternatively if you prefer to discuss your requirements please use the quote request providing contact details and preferred contact time and one of our customer service team will call you back at a time to suit you. If you know the style of conservatory roof, required glazing type and any other details please feel free to let us know.

Box Gutter Adaptors Understanding how the Box Gutter Conservator roof works

The images of the box gutter adaptors are used to create the conservatory roof guttering system. These are fitted into the end of the aluminium box gutter and sealed using the appropriate gutter bond and flashing strap to for a perfect water tight seal.

Box Gutter on the Left or Right

Box gutter on both sides

Double hipped Conservatory roofing for use on single story extensions and bungalows or to allow for wider conservatory designs

Prefabricated Aluminium box gutter attached to house wall

Foam insulation which is used to prevent condensation

Upvc Cladding which covers the box gutter and ring beam

Gallows brackets are used to support box gutters over 3.9 meters in length


In the case of a Guardian tiled conservatory roof the box gutter is plaster boarded and plastered to match the conservatory roof

Examples of a Box gutter Conservatory roof Double hipped Edwardian with box gutter along house wall allowing a wider conservatory span Box gutter double hipped edwardian with the ultraframe livin room internal design Standard edwardian conservatory with box giyyer against right hand house wall Internal view of Guardian double hipped Victorian tiled roof with box gutter P shaped Guardian roof conservatory with an L shaped box gutter joining a bungalow and single storey extension Internal view of Guardian P shaped double hipped with L shaped box gutter Double hipped Victorian with box gutter along house wall allowing for wider conservatory design

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Some customers may prefer to upload a sketch of their conservatory and in the case of a P shaped design this can help or use the P shaped quotation page <CLICK HERE>



Double Hipped Edwardian

P shaped Edwardian or Victorian

Gable End

Double Hipped Victorian

Victorian  Edwardian with hipped roof

Box Gutter Conservatory Roof Designs


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